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Paul Grosman

Paul Grosman is the founder and owner of ArGil.  Paul is a licensed Paralegal and Accredited Appraiser (AACI). He has 26 years of experience in the business of property tax consulting and has owned / managed and grown his current practice since starting ArGil at the beginning of 2010.  Previously Paul worked with Colliers, Deloitte LLP and Cushman & Wakefield and maintains several significant client relationships that were initiated prior to founding ArGil in 2010.  The loyalty and support that Paul has developed with his clients is a function of delivering results which are a by-product of tenacity, intuition and being professionally “persistent” in context of appeals and his interaction with MPAC and municipalities on behalf of his clients. Paul takes an active role in appeals and regularly assumes the role of Expert Witness and Advocate, as required.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys staying active and spending time with his wife, and three boys.

Paul can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 1


James Brook – Advocate

James is a licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario, which he obtained in March 2014, and is an accredited member of the Municipal Assessors of Ontario and holds the AIMA designation.

James completed two separate Diploma programs at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.  He completed and obtained his paralegal diploma in 2013 and completed the Real Property Administration accelerated program in April 2016, after which he joined ArGil.

James plays a lead role in supporting the advocacy requirements within the Assessment Review Board regime in which ArGil is an active participant.  James is passionate about his role and has applied his strong understanding of technology and the key steps in the appeal process to streamline the multitude of gates within the current appeal process to the benefit of his clients. He has client specific management responsibilities and has been largely responsible for the degree of results realized on large portfolios as well as adopting the use of technology to strengthen the integrity of the reporting and information flow between ArGil and clients.

James can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 5


Dayna Griffin – Senior Consultant

Dayna joined ArGil in August 2018, having established herself in the property tax community while employed with MPAC for nearly 11 years, with the last 8 years in a management role.     Dayna has a great understanding of how things work at MPAC and applies that knowledge to ensure ArGil manages its clients appeal requirements efficiently to affect the greatest possible outcome.   She is well versed with the different valuation approaches utilized by MPAC and works closely with our Advocacy team to ensure our pleadings and valuation positions lend themselves to timely resolution.

In her non-work life, Dayna loves both watching and playing sports, especially baseball and football and she’s passionate about both fitness and overall well-being.

Dayna can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 7


Kamar Cohen – Senior Consultant

Kamar graduated from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology from the Real Property Administration program in April 2016.  Prior to June 2014, Kamar lived and worked in Jamaica.  He held several roles in government related agencies associated to public construction.  Kamar started in the property tax consulting industry in July 2016 working for a national property tax consulting firm, managing a portfolio of industrial, commercial, and multi-residential properties, after which Kamar joined ArGil in February 2020.  Kamar is detailed oriented and analytical and prides himself in telling a story related to assessment appeals to achieve the best results for his clients.

Kamar is a family man, and enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys.

Kamar can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 8


Bob Langlois – Sales & Client Management

Bob has been active in the Canadian property tax community for thirty years.  He was most recently one of two majority partners in a national consulting firm with 70 professionals across 7 offices in Canada.  Bob acts in a ongoing consulting role to ArGil and actively supports business development, new client acquisition and was instrumental in facilitating the acquisition of Cushman’s tax practice by ArGil in early 2016.   This effort included negotiating the acquisition with Cushman but more importantly transitioning the existing client base of Cushman clients to ensure minimal transition pain.  He supports ArGil by identifying service and support opportunities and ensuring the delivery expectations of Client’s are set and managed to ensure an excellent working relationship.

Bob can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 4


Shelley Yong – Administrator

Shelley has worked with Paul Grosman for more than 20 years. She has day to day oversight of administrative activities including bookkeeping duties, support in relation to ARB filings, tax rebate reconciliation and has a strong working relationship with the various municipal taxation parties that we interact with on a daily to basis to gather information and solve problems for our clients.

Shelley can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 2


Naziya Patel – Assessment Review Board & Municipal Administrator

Naziya is responsible for filing all appeals with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) and Ontario Assessment Review Board and ensuring all our filings are compliant with Board procedures.  She also carries responsibility for updating internal workflow systems to support timely execution and administers milestone reporting for the balance of the appeal team.

Naziya can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373, Ext. 3


Jessica Black – Marketing & Administration

Jessy founded and operated a successful retail web business for 15+ years.  Jessy was a pioneer and innovator in a sector of the market that traditionally did not have an on-line presence. Jessy oversees all on-line marketing campaigns and makes sure that “everything comes together”.

In addition to her marketing efforts, Jessy lends support to the administrative team to ensure that things run smoothly.

Jessy is Paul’s wife.  Together they both enjoy spending time with their three boys, which includes schlepping them to all kinds of activities and most of all the special time that they spend together while on vacation.

Jessica can be reached via email, and can be contacted by telephone at 416-630-7373